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Custom Yacht Designing
Cutting edge custom yacht designs

Custom yacht design is a long process and consists of many compromises. Nautical Lines Marine provides extensive service for custom yacht design– creating some of the most enduring & everlasting yacht profiles of the modern age. With a unique & vibrant approach to this discipline we create yacht designs that capture the visions of our client.

A custom design yacht fits like a tailored suit. It is unique & distinctive. Custom yacht designs are created by dreams & crafted by passion. Lots of expertise is applied in bring out the end result. The process starts with the concept design which is the most important part.

Our yacht design experience covers a wide and varied range of vessel mediums. It is in this phase the customer and the designer are closely involved and to decide about the requirements. Our goal is to turn a clients dream into a working reality and therefore at all times we value clients vision of what their boat will become both aesthetically and in its function. With the information gathered from our client and our own industry experience, we design an accurate and complete work documentation including specified plans which will include the plans, performance analysis, cost estimates, written specification etc. We also provide our customers 3D renderings of their vessels exterior at the onset to satisfy their visual requirements and then in close consultation as progresses. The key to Nautical Lines Marine is that we listen to our client's requirements, allowing us to share their vision and helping in making each project unique. 

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